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security log timestamps

Posted: 2008/06/12 22:35:10
by jamesj
Hey everybody, I am new to the Cent forums, here is my question
I was reviewing the "secure" log in /var/log and I noticed some strange
differances in the timestamps of the messages
the first entry was 22:20:11
and the next was 15:32:33
and then 22:12:23 and so on.......
the date and year is clearly the same jun12th can anyone offer a possible explanation?

security log timestamps

Posted: 2008/08/26 19:46:44
by kentyler
It's possible the message was queued to syslog but not completed prior to the other entries.

For instance a program writes a message to a syslog channel but does not complete the message being sent then terminates with the message being sent it would delay the timestamp.

You could suspend a program that was speaking with syslog and generate the same effect when you resumed it.