How to encrypt files?

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How to encrypt files?

Post by jacob600 » 2007/11/07 21:53:06

I have some text files that I would like to encrypt. What methods/programs are available on Centos4 to do this? Also, is there an option with gzip that I am missing or does it not natively contain encryption capabilities?


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Re: How to encrypt files?

Post by pjwelsh » 2007/11/08 20:37:01

Lots of options. You may even want to consider one of the encrypted filesystem options like:

otherwise, "bcyrpt" can be had from

There are other options. Look at google for "file encryption linux" or similar.

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How to encrypt files?

Post by yyagol » 2007/11/11 06:43:49

Nice ...
thanks for the tip i didn't know about bcrypt , its a very useful program

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Re: How to encrypt files?

Post by JohnC » 2007/11/12 19:53:06

Or you could use GnuPG which should be already installed.
For example:
'gpg -o fileout --cipher-algo aes256 --symmetric filein' to encrypt filein to fileout.
'gpg --decrypt fileout' to decrypt fileout.

The above is for CentOS 5 but should work on CentOS 4 as well.
See 'man gpg' for more info.

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