HTTP Proxy configuration with YUM

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HTTP Proxy configuration with YUM

Post by blimpman » 2007/01/04 17:22:34

CentOS 4.3

I cannot seem to get the authentication to work thru my corporate firewall in oder to use YUM.

In the yum.conf file I have added the [b]proxy_username= [/b], [b]proxy=http://ipaddress:port[/b] & the [b]proxy_password=[/b] lines for YUM to use to get thru my firewall. I still get the
HTTP Error 407 for being unauthorized. :-(

Is there any other place to configure HTTP Proxy access?

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Re: HTTP Proxy configuration with YUM

Post by arrfab » 2007/01/05 08:37:18

What kind of proxy are you using upstream ? if it's a Microsoft ISA proxy, it's probably configured only for ntlm authentication and not basic/clear text.
Use a intermediate proxy that you can install on your box like this one :
I've used it several times to access the net through a isa proxy without any problems ...

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Re: HTTP Proxy configuration with YUM

Post by BramV » 2007/04/17 09:06:14

can anyone help me with ntlmaps? I'm quite new to linux.
I run CentOS 4 single server CD (no X server/GUI) and used ntlmaps in Ubuntu Server before with succes.
In Ubuntu i got this 'interface' that guided me through the configuration en installed ntlmaps automatically.

In CentOS:
i downloaded [url=]ntlmaps-[/url]
Installed it with rpm -i ntlmaps-
Changed the server.cfg.
And then i run "./"
But then the process starts in the foreground. So i can't really work.
Starting it as "./ &" doesn't help.

What is de easiest way to run ntlmaps as a service or in the background?

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Re: HTTP Proxy configuration with YUM

Post by nunana » 2009/09/17 14:57:43

Make a script in /etc/init.d (I named it
cd /etc/init.d

the script contains:
/usr/bin/ntlmaps &

Make a soft link /etc/rc5.d

cd /etc/rc5.d
ln -s ../init.d/ S99z_ntlmaps

after a reboot the ntlmaps is started. You can check this with:
ps -ef | grep ntlmaps

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Re: HTTP Proxy configuration with YUM

Post by pjwelsh » 2009/09/17 15:47:25

Edit: I did not initially realize that this OLD thread got reborn... sorry.

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