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Post by ChildOTK » 2006/12/06 22:43:30

Hi Guys / Gals.

I have a 'problem', being that my /var/log/messages log file keeps getting flooded with stuff like:

Dec 7 00:38:01 server su(pam_unix)[13833]: session opened for user user by (uid=0)

Keeps on having a session opened and session closed continuously throughout the day. Any ideas why this could be happening, what it is, how to stop it from flooding my system log?

Its kinda annoying.

Any help will be appreciated.


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Re: /var/log/messages

Post by unspawn » 2006/12/11 13:05:23

Tried correlating timestamps with cronjobs or (management) applications running checks?

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Post by gerald_clark » 2006/12/11 14:16:49

Is Selinux on?

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