Starter document for securing centos

Support for security such as Firewalls and securing linux
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Starter document for securing centos

Post by czr_ » 2006/11/29 18:28:56

Hello all,

Some time ago I finished writing a short(ish) blurb on implementing base network security for centos4 based systems (starting from installation phase actions). The document is available here . I'd appreciate constructive feedback/corrections and hope that it might be useful to some people who are starting with centos.


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Starter document for securing centos

Post by foxb » 2006/11/29 21:23:51

Boot loader password will require somebody (you) to type it every time system is rebooted - this is not comfortable if the server is not near to you and does not add much security.. (in my opinion)

My opinion: better add physical security - lock the case and secure BIOS

Then you open ports in firewall before securing the service

sudoers file must be edited with visudo

in your document there is nothing mentioned about updatig your initial config..

This is just diagonal reading......

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