Access thru Corporate Firewall

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Access thru Corporate Firewall

Post by blimpman » 2006/08/21 14:20:23

I am having trouble accessing for updates. I can connect thru my corporate firewall to get to the internet with browsers but I ham having trouble configuring for automatic authentication thru the firewall for updates. I added the configuration lines in the yum.conf for firewall access but still get the denial due to authentication when I run the O/S updates.
Anyone help?

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Access thru Corporate Firewall

Post by arrfab » 2006/08/26 19:00:50

It depends which firewall you're using ....
How have you configured your authentication ? I mean when you say that it's working manually, what have you done ? if you have only configured your proxy in your browser (as it seems) it will not work with yum ... You have to configure yum.conf also with proxy, proxy_username and proxy_password ....
If you're using a ISA server from M$ that accepts only ntlm authentication, please consider using a ntlm gateway proxy server like this one :

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