nc (netcat) and any reason why redhat chooses to install this by default?

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nc (netcat) and any reason why redhat chooses to install thi

Post by gking » 2006/08/02 13:14:26

Even a minimal install seems to grab this package so I checked comps.xml and there it was under the core group as a default install.

netcat is a great tool for troubleshooting but not something I would want to leave on the system (I remove it) but I cannot seem to understand WHY such a potentially dangerous tool is installed by default.

Although this is not "RedHat", the CentOS group mirrors "RedHat" as much as possible and I see the same installation behavior. So I was curious if anyone knew why? rpm -e nc shows no dependencies to the package. Removing it seems to do no harm to the system either.

Anyhow just curious if anyone knew why.



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