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Support for security such as Firewalls and securing linux
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securty test

Post by lucindrea » 2006/05/10 03:17:39

heh want a crash course in security?

the redhat standard when taking the RHCE or reading up on anything about it is the make the root pass "redhat" .. so while pratacing for my exam i was fidding with a spare system i got , and of course i made the pass "redhat" ( it's just a test system i have formated like 10 times in the last week ) .. wouldnt you guess , within 4 hours , someone had broken in and messed with my system and compleatly messed up my /bin dir.

so after pulling the connection to the internet ( who knows what bots could of been installed ) i figured it would be a good test of the "troubleshooting" part of the exam , ( he really f-ked up my system .. core system files wernt recoverable - lession in making data in it's own partitions ) , anyway i quickly learned how to configure iptables , hosts.all and hosts.deny ... so even though i was hit , i was able to make somthing out of it ..

think i'm gona be watching my logs over the next week to see if he comes back

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Re: securty test

Post by nippip » 2006/08/29 02:44:51

lucindrea, thanks for the heads up. I have just started my studies for the RHCE and I might just leave a box with the redhat passwd sitting around to see what gets messed with.

PS how goes your studies?

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