linking centos 4 to hardware (antipiracy protection)

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linking centos 4 to hardware (antipiracy protection)

Post by jtellez » 2006/04/16 20:59:13

hi guys, I'm making some SW instalations and afraid that the endusers could copy the HD entirely into another HD to steal our work. Is there a way to link the CentOS installation to the HW serial number or sort like that??? Thanks in advance for help.

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Re: linking centos 4 to hardware (antipiracy protection)

Post by foxb » 2006/05/04 17:51:02

You cannot call this "piracy", because there is no licenses issued with every installation, and you are free to install CentOS as many times you want.

As idea you can write script who checks for hardware components and do some actions, but better protect yourself legally - get a contract to install all WS/Servers into company. Do some integration to justify it.

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