Squidguard is not working...

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Squidguard is not working...

Post by alliance » 2005/08/22 08:34:51


I m trying to setup a proxy serveur running under Centos 4.1.
I installed squid-2.5.STABLE6-3.4E.9 (rpm version) wich is running properly.
Now i installed squidguard-1.2.0-2.2.el4 (rpm again) i configured blacklist, redirected squid to squidguard (by adding this line to squid.conf : redirect_program /usr/bin/squidguard -c /etc/squid/squidguard.conf).

I made a pretty basic conf file for squidguard
here is my Squidguard.conf file :

dbhome /var/lib/squidguard/blacklists
logdir /var/log/squidguard

dest porn {
log porn
domainlist blacklists/porn/domains
urllist blacklists/porn/urls
redirect http://www.bratgrrl.com

acl {

default {
pass !porn all
redirect http://www.bratgrrl.com #http://localhost/cgi-bin/squidguard.cgi

ps : yes i got two "blacklists" directory...

I made a "chown -R squid.squid" on every single squid or squidguard directory...but it s difinitly not working properly...
Any idea? anyone got a similat problem with squidguard?

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Squidguard is not working...

Post by maxut » 2005/08/26 17:54:27

make sure u allow loopback activity if u have firewall. ("iptables -I INPUT -i lo -j ACCEPT" will do that)
and dont forget to check squidguard logs.

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Re: Squidguard is not working...

Post by duxklr » 2005/09/24 12:26:16

"Still not working properly" does not give any useful information at all.

How is it "not working"? What is it doing? What errors are you getting? Is it not redirecting? It it not running at all? Can you connect to it at all?

As maxut said, the log files are your friends. Read them every single time you have an error with anything. They are typically pretty helpful.

As for chowning -R - did something tell you to do that? You never want to "blindly" start chowning files unless you are 100% positive that you should be doing that. It may open up security related issues if you set permissions wrong.

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