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Installing and securing

Post by dymatrix » 2005/08/15 23:52:41


I have built my first development server and installed Centos. It will be used to run a web appliation that requires Apache(w/SSL), PHP and PostgreSQL. It will be a test server. I plan on installing it behind a firewall, but still want to make sure it is as secure as possible. I am looking for some how-to's or any advice on securing the server. Installing CENTOS is a breeze and I am glad I came across it when I installed Asterisk on a spare PC.

Now just need to get PG SQL going. May try Enterprise DB or perhaps SpikeSource or should I stick with YUM ?

Anyway, I will no doubt be back with a few more Q's as I chip away.

- Lou

A little background:

In a few months, the goal is to migrate to 5 beta-test servers : 3 servers for Apace/PHP (spread the load) and 2 for PostgreSQL (Master and Slave for Replication) and then with other servers running Win32 specific processing daemons written in Delphi until code is re-written to run on Linux. Once app goes into production beta test servers will be replaced by production servers (at this point client may choose to pay go with the real Red Hat ES and continue with CENTOS for development and testing)

Existing site runs on Win32, Apache, Jserv and SQL Server 7. The re-write will be a fun one:)

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