Tunneling with SSH - backwards!

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Tunneling with SSH - backwards!

Post by eastcoastcoder » 2005/06/24 04:26:23

Hi. I currently SSH into my server, and access certain things with tunnels.

Is there any straightforward way to create a backwards tunnel, that is, from the server back to me (the client)? I run various services (database, source code repository) on my workstation, and I'd like to be able to access it directly, via an SSH tunnel, from my server.

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Re: Tunneling with SSH - backwards!

Post by cormander » 2005/07/16 21:20:20

Run the following as root. You will need to have your public key setup on the remote host so that you can login via ssh without typing a password:

/usr/sbin/pppd updetach noauth passive pty "/usr/bin/ssh -P REMOTE_HOST -lroot -o Batchmode=yes sudo /usr/sbin/pppd nodetach notty noauth" ipparam vpn NEW_LOCAL_IP:NEW_REMOTE_LOCAL_IP

change REMOTE_HOST to the ip / domain name of the remote host

change NEW_LOCAL_IP to a RFC1918 address, such as ( make sure it's an IP you don't use on your network )

change NEW_REMOTE_LOCAL_IP to something similar, such as

This creates a peer to peer protocol link between the two systems, just like a VPN.

From local, you can ssh to remote via the IP

From the remote host, you can ssh back to local via the IP

Hope this helps.

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