Trouble installing centos 4.2 on hp dl320 g6

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Trouble installing centos 4.2 on hp dl320 g6

Post by viveks1976 » 2011/04/21 16:15:26

I have got a HP DL320 G6 Server on which I have to install centos 4.2 due to some legacy requirements. The Server is having HP Smart Array Controller 440i with 256 MB RAM. When I tried to install CentOS 4.2 on the server - initially it popped out some driver issues but after I could successfully build the cciss driver for array controller - it could detect the disks but still it is giving the error

"unable to find any devices of the type needed for this installation type. Would you like to manually select your driver or use a driver disk?"

and is asking for driver again. When I choose "Use a Driver Disk" it shows me three options - one for the USB Drive which I used for the original disk driver and other two disks are the one detected using this driver - which in fact are the on board SATA disk connected to the array controller.

Why the installation program is treating both the disks as driver disks instead of destination disk to install the OS.
Kindly help - if somebody has faced similar problem.

Thanks for anticipation.


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Re: Trouble installing centos 4.2 on hp dl320 g6

Post by pschaff » 2011/04/22 02:39:59

You might be better off installing a current/supported release on the real iron, preferably using [url=]software RAID[/url] rather than [url=]FakeRAID/HostRAID[/url], and running the obsolete/unsupported/insecure release via [url=]Virtualization[/url].

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Trouble installing centos 4.2 on hp dl320 g6

Post by foxb » 2011/04/26 14:25:55

You need to provide the driver for the array in the process of installation.

Another solution is to go with latest 4.9(the driver might be already included) and because 4.x is at EOL you should consider using 5.6

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