xinetd errno=98

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xinetd errno=98

Post by cckid » 2010/07/08 17:35:05

Hi all,
I'm struggling with a xinetd error for the last couple of days and would like some outside input.
I had to reboot our mail server (running 4.8) yesterday after replacing a failed drive. After it came back up, IMAPS was not starting or running and the log displayed this messages:
xinetd[8397]: bind failed (Address already in use (errno = 98)). service = imaps
xinetd[8397]: Service imaps failed to start and is deactivated.

I thought it was odd so I poked around and everything look good to me so I decided to reboot the machine in hopes that a reboot would work its magic.

After the reboot, imaps was working as it should but now pop3s is not running and brings up the same messages.
I've looked at netstat and see that port 995 is listening:

# netstat -an | grep 995
tcp 0 0* LISTEN
udp 0 0*

I don't know what is causing the conflict and why it switched between imaps which runs on 993 and pop3s, which runs on 995.
Any help is very much appreciated!

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