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Basic e-mail server installation

Posted: 2010/06/22 22:13:00
by nenenaiad

I decided to follow the Wiki Postfix HOWTO today in order to set up a basic e-mail server and note that all seems well until the lines suggested are added.

The protocols line is O.K. but the mail_location and pop3_uid1_format line seem to cause a failure unknown setting error
when an attempt is made to start dovecot.

Any thoughts about this would be most helpful.



Basic e-mail server installation

Posted: 2010/06/23 12:03:11
by NedSlider
The guide was written for CentOS-5 which ships with a newer version of dovecot.

It would seem those options are not supported by dovecot in CentOS-4. I would suggest you start by reading the dovecot.conf config file for examples - normally they are well commented.

The pop3_uid1_format line is only really needed for compatibility with Outlook mail clients, so if you don't use Outlook then you don't need it.

WRT the mail_location line, I assume dovecot in C4 supports both maildir and mbox formats, but if it doesn't feel free to use mbox format instead.

Sorry I can't be more specific - I don't have a C4 installation here to test.

Re: Basic e-mail server installation

Posted: 2010/06/24 14:54:50
by pschaff
Might have been better to stick with the [url=]original thread[/url]. Sorry I did not know about the differences between CentOS 4 and 5 with regard to dovecot package versions. Have you considered using CentOS 5 for your mail server? It has a much longer support life and is better supported in the Fora and mailing lists than the much older CentOS 4.