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centos become slow .. pls help me

Posted: 2010/06/06 11:21:38
by vertex
I have been using centos 4.2 for quite some time. It was really good. But since few days it appears very slow. It it taking too much time to boot / to open any content in the system. It is not even tranfering calls. I tried to install flash player in that system. Since then getting problem. Could any one kindly help me indeed please? I would be really thankful to all of you indeed.


centos become slow .. pls help me

Posted: 2010/06/07 14:19:47
by gerald_clark
Welcome to CentOS.
Please do the required reading.

You have not provided any useful information. I do have a few comments.
4.2 is ancient. You should have been doing regular updates. CentOS 4 is at 4.8.

CentOS doesn't transfer calls. Are you sure you are not running an Asterisk system
based on a modified CentOS?

It is not surprising that you have had problems since installing a flash player.

Without more information on your hardware, I can say no more.
Please follow the instructions in the first link in the above reference.