Installing From CD Without Eject

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Installing From CD Without Eject

Post by krazybob » 2010/01/10 02:54:21

I have many servers in a data center 100 miles away through Los Angeles traffic. Although I have KVM over IP there are times when hands on is needed. I have a situation now where we're doing an OS upgrade that involves loading Centos 4.7 (Virtuozzo 3 won't do CE5), load Virtuozzo (which can be done remotely,) create new Centos 5.4 containers (which Virtuozzo 3 WILL allow - go figure,) and then migrate accounts from old server to new server. I'm just one guy with a lot of work to do.

I thought that if I placed a 4.7 Server CD in the drive I could install remotely using the KVM. Which I can. Although the monitor detection seems to be unsure and I'll need to learn how to manually assign the monitor. But the issue is that after the install the CD auto-ejects and therefore the question. The CD drives invariably are CD-224E's and the motherboards are Super Micro H8DAR-i's.

Is there an install parm that I can use? Some other method to not force an eject?

This question applies to both CE4.7 and CE 5.4.

The BIOS in the newer servers allowing booting from USB. Would a bootable Flash drive be a better solutions, albeit more expensive?

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