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389 directory server for CentOS 4.8?

Posted: 2009/12/26 05:41:33
by greenpossum
Does anybody know if there are any ports of the 389 Directory Server (formerly Fedora Directory Server), a LDAP server, to CentOS4.8 (and by inference, RHEL4.8)? 389-ds packages already exist for CentOS and RHEL 5. I did a search but came up with a blank.

I'm currently running fedora-ds on that 4.8 server but would like to get the updated versions if possible so that all the servers are running the same 389-ds release.

Not particularly urgent, fedora-ds still works fine. Maybe the apps on this server will be moved to a RHEL5 machine, thus eliminating this issue anyway.

Thanks in advance.