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Post by DANNDP » 2009/12/12 19:58:08

HEllo my friends,

I can see a very rare problem on my centos system, today at 08:23 i could see a system restart:

Dec 12 08:23:27 vetelcom syslog: syslogd startup succeeded
Dec 12 08:23:27 vetelcom syslog: klogd startup succeeded
Dec 12 08:23:27 vetelcom irqbalance: irqbalance startup succeeded
Dec 12 08:23:27 vetelcom portmap: portmap startup succeeded
Dec 12 03:51:54 vetelcom rc.sysinit: -e
Dec 12 08:21:54 vetelcom date: Sat Dec 12 08:21:54 VET 2009
Dec 12 08:21:54 vetelcom rc.sysinit: Setting clock (localtime): Sat Dec 12 08:21:54 VET 2009 succeeded
Dec 12 08:21:55 vetelcom start_udev: Starting udev: succeeded
Dec 12 08:22:14 vetelcom rc.sysinit: -e


The most rare thing is that nobody did this, the only person with ssh access to the server is me, and i did not make this restart, what coul be the causes of this issue? can you help me please?

Best Regards

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Post by pschaff » 2009/12/13 15:05:40

What's in the logs immediately before that? Does it show a controlled shutdown? Could have been a power glitch or a hardware problem.

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Re: Restart

Post by AlanBartlett » 2009/12/13 15:28:37

Looking closely at that snippet of the log, the timings don't seem to make much sense . . .

The (approximate) 4.5 hours backwards time shift concerns me.

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