Server automatically shut down?

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Server automatically shut down?

Post by kokanchai » 2009/06/10 04:30:38

dear all,

i am encounter a big issue that my server (Centos 4.6 )
This is twice with in 3 days happen ,I am confirm with the server,are not because of hard disk full, according my report below hard disk usage are 50% below.

so what is the promble might causes the server automatically shutdown?

beside other few set server are not encounter this promble..only this mesin will.

expert please help~ :-(

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Server automatically shut down?

Post by pschaff » 2009/06/10 12:57:08

If you are at 4.6, please update to 4.7 for the latest security and bug-fix patches. 4.8 is on the way.

As far as your shutdown, do the logs indicate a controlled shutdown, or a sudden crash? Need more information to provide any meaningful help.
If a crash, try runing memtest-86+ overnight.

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