Cannot start silcd server

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Cannot start silcd server

Post by jayknowsunix » 2009/03/17 15:38:03

Hi all,

I have downloaded the sources for silcd 1.1.15 as I want to use a messaging service within our various corporate locations. The sources built quite easily, but startup consistently fails. It appears to be failing, according to gdb and it own logs, where the code calls bind(2) when during initialization it tries to setup a socket. I'm not certain as to why - the socket looks valid, and the code manages to set the options to it. Anyone have any clues or has managed to get this running already?

PS. Most of our systems cannot see the internet due to contract security requirements, if this wasn't so, I'd just have them use a 3rd party connection. They can, however, see each other on our LAN. It would be quite nice if I could get this operational as it would save a lot of phone calls, etc. when problems arise.

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