installing centos 4.7 server software

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installing centos 4.7 server software

Post by janthony » 2009/03/07 00:35:34

I have the software loaded, but as it is loading it asks for local host user name and password. I dont ever remeber it asking me for one. i raelly am probly doing some thing wrong. I just wanted to convert my old desktop into a sever whick i can store all my personal music and video files on. that way I can access them through my home network when I need them. so i laoded the centos 4.7 server os on the computer. is this wrong? and how about the local host username and password? :-o

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installing centos 4.7 server software

Post by michaelnel » 2009/03/09 23:04:12

If this is during installation, give it a username and assign a password to it when it asks. That is the username you will normally log in with. It's a good idea to choose to have root's mail sent to that account too.

If this is after the install is done and you simply don't remember the username & password, log in as root, use the "useradd" command to add a regular user and then use the "passwd" command to give that account a password.

If this doesn't make sense to you then you should read the newbie threads:

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