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Create basic web user with appropriate folders.

Posted: 2009/02/01 15:17:10
by Ossi
My very first post ;)
I just installed my first linux (Centos 4.7 DVD installation)
Complete newbie, (ie I dont know what sudo does)

But took my first step, and started to learn. There are tons of books, and websites available...
Best way for me is playing around, and configurin actual server.

My first problem was when I created user account "Ossi"
I can access my folder /home/ossi ...
I was able to start httpd, and saw apache welcome page.
When I tried to create "hello" index.html under /var/www
It tells me I dont have permission. Yep makes sense.

How do I create addittional user, that would have their own www folder to upload their webpages?
Do I need to get cpanel or plesk etc ?

I tried adding Ossi user to Apache, mysql, and webalizer group... not sure if this is needed.
Like I said very newbie here willing to take a plunge to linux world. :-D


Create basic web user with appropriate folders.

Posted: 2009/02/01 16:36:27
by scottro
You shouldn't need cpanel or others unless you prefer to use GUI tools. (However, if you're learning, especially, it's best to not use such tools, at least at first.)

There are articles on su and sudo on the wiki.

The wiki, by the way, is an excellent source of information.
People do apache in all sorts of different ways. For example, create the files with sudo and give them 644 permissions so that everyone can read them.

To set up a very very basic webserver is moderately easy, much of the default stuff will work. As you're seeing, there's quite a bit of reading involved, and to do things like making home directory writable by the user is a bit more complex.

is an excellent article.
Good luck and welcome to the forums.

Re: Create basic web user with appropriate folders.

Posted: 2009/02/02 03:17:53
by Ossi
Thanks, will read and learn...