Installing, Configuring, Troubleshooting server daemons such as Web and Mail
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Post by uwa45 » 2009/01/20 13:07:11

Hi all,
how do i install terminal server service on centos to run applications in a digital library setup? we use a timer application that controls users access and timing in the library.users account information is stored on a MS sql 2000 server. if the timer and all other applications are installed on the terminal server, the timer login interface generally appears on system boot up.assuming user1 sits on thin client1 and logins in with the timer login interface, if user2 sits on thin client2 will the timer login interface be available for user2 to login in as well? i don't have a lab to try this out hence am asking here.

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Post by foxb » 2009/01/22 18:54:02

Maybe more information will be useful...

First there is no terminal server service for CentOS this is for MS Winsdows Server...

Similar functionality you can have with LTSP.

Will your proprietary app work I do not know - maybe your provider can answer this question.

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