Can I install Apache 2.0.52 source using YUM

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Can I install Apache 2.0.52 source using YUM

Post by simong » 2009/01/08 03:13:44

I wish to run some a 3rd party Domain Name Registry package, written in PERL/Mason, on my Apache-2.0.52/CentOS 4 server.

It requires the use of mod_perl which I installed via YUM.

When restarting the Apache server it now complains about a missing file.

It would appear that the YUM install of mod_perl may not have worked correctly.

I was advised to install the Apache module using CPAN.

When I try this, I am informed that it will install mod_perl 1.3, and then asks for the location of the my Apache source files.

Presumably it wants to rebuild my Apache.

Of course they are not available as Apache 2 was installed by YUM.

Can I install the source using YUM?

I have used yum search and yum info - to no avail.

Also I have seen CentOS forum posts saying NEVER install from source files, always use YUM and binaries. If I rebuild from Apache from source files will my current Apache configuration be lost?

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