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Centos 4.7 - LDAP hangs on startup

Posted: 2008/12/09 20:23:07
by matt3o76
Hello everybody!

I have a problem with a new server ldap configuration:
- I just made a fresh centos 4.7 install on a new machine
- I have got all the updates via yum
- I installed the following packages via yum
-openldap, openldap-clients openldap-server nss_ldap
- I have copied the config (etc/ldap.conf and /etc/openldap/*) from another server
- I have made a full restore from another server ldap database
- I have changed system auth via authconfig (use ldap/ldap auth)
- After this i have a perfect working ldap server with all users and stuff correctly working

The problem is at reboot time:
- Some services hangs for a lot of time: i can cleary see from /var/log/messages that nss_ldap is trying to
get user infos from ldap that is not yet started
- The ldap service itself hangs for the same reason

More infos:
- The "other server" is centos4.4-based (not updated): the setup is identical but the startup has no problems.

I can't figure out the problem: the server needs about 25min for a reboot!
Please help :-)