Difficulties installing the munin

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Difficulties installing the munin

Post by fabiojr » 2008/10/29 11:03:24

Hi all

I'm trying to install munin in a centOS 5 server, and it never works.

I downloaded the source from the munin website, extracted, edited the Makefile.config and run the make install-main. I did everything that was described in the INSTALL file from the package. He creates the folders, but on the htmldir, he only creates the cgi folder. He doesn't create any html file, so i cant acces it from my browser.

If anyone know any tutorial or how to, i haven't found one that explain how to install from source and the one that I found show hot to install adding a yum repository, but this repository is broken :-(


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Difficulties installing the munin

Post by gerald_clark » 2008/10/29 13:20:10

Please read the required threads.

Do not install from source.
Munin can be found at RPMForge.

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