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clamav can't install

Posted: 2008/10/01 09:33:41
by brianstorm

I've just managed to install mailscanner and its working quite happily and marking spam but I have a message on the end of the email that says its been checked for viruses although it hasn't been. The logs show that I don't have an antivirus mailscanner installed and after some searching its seems clamav is the one to go for. Its not in my yum repository, and neither is any antivirus scanner I can see.

I haven't been able to to find a centos4 rpm either. Can anyone advise me as how best to proceed with installing an antivirus email scanner?

Many thanks for your time.


clamav can't install

Posted: 2008/10/01 11:58:27
by WhatsHisName
Look in rpmforge for clamav.

[url=]CentOS Wiki - Available Repositories for CentOS[/url]