mail problem

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mail problem

Post by hungrycoder » 2008/09/15 15:02:00

i have some problems with my mails.

how to know that which MTA in server (sendmail/exim or something else) is installed?

again: I receive mails. in the subject there are some Bangla Unicode characters. but I get it like as follows:

[quote]ржпрзржоржи рж╕рзржмрж╛ржорз рждрзржоржи рж╕рзрждрзрж░рз[/quote]

why i am getting such subject?

any help?

thanks in advance.

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Re: mail problem

Post by AlanBartlett » 2008/09/15 15:13:33

The command [b]rpm -qa \*mail\*[/b] should give you an idea of the MTA installed, whereas the command [b]ps -ef | egrep -i 'sendmail|postfix'[/b] should allow you to deduce which MTA is running.

Sorry, I have no idea with regard to your characters/font issue.

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mail problem

Post by michaelnel » 2008/09/16 00:19:55

The characters look like they are from Russian SPAM messages. We used to get hundreds of them a day before I set up greylisting.

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