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clamav without freshclam?

Posted: 2008/06/29 21:02:33
by supremedalek
I installed the clamav package (default centos package site) in my centos 4.6 box but for some reason I cannot find the freshclam application. Where should it be hiding at? Or, is there another way to retrieve the new virus definitions without using freshaclam?

Re: clamav without freshclam?

Posted: 2008/07/09 21:08:01
by simonapnic
Try to look for the clamav-update package.
Have you done a find / -name freshclam on your system ?
You might have to get it from their site by compiling the source.

Re: clamav without freshclam?

Posted: 2008/10/16 06:58:34
by jimmy03
I will guide you through a complete setup so you can get your clamav working:

1. In clamd.conf remove:


LocalSocket /tmp/clamd.socket
FixStaleSocket yes

2. In clamd.conf, change:


User axigen


User clamav

3. In freshclam.conf make sure that you have:


DatabaseOwner clamav

4. Run these commands to make sure permissions are right:


chown -R clamav:clamav /var/clamav
chown -R clamav:clamav /var/log/clamav
chown -R clamav:clamav /var/run/clamav

After all these steps have been performed you need to restart the clamav service. This is a permission issue and can be solved rather quickly. Just make sure you use the clamav user everywhere (not axigen) and that all folders that clamav wants to access belong to its user and group. This is generally a safe bet.