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sendmail null client

Posted: 2008/04/07 16:54:51
by dreamgear
How does one configure sendmail on Centos 4 to just send all outgoing mail to a local smtp server ? I think what I want is a "null client" config. I've tried a few things without much luck.

Re: sendmail null client

Posted: 2008/04/07 19:51:32
by markske
Do you meen a local smtp in your network (not localhost?)

you can define in your a smarthost (relay all to one address)

edit /etc/mail/ and add this line in your config (make a copy first for rollback)


activate this
cd /etc/mail

stop/start sendmail (make sure you stop all deamons if one keeps running its possible that the routing is not correct)
(if you run stop 2 times it will kill all instanses)
service sendmail stop
service sendmail start