duplicate emails

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duplicate emails

Post by mcraul » 2008/04/02 18:53:03

Hi all new here.

I'm running a server with CentOS 4.5 installed and Im having some problems with duplicate emails. We host up to 40 virtual websites and some users are experiancing sending out and recieving duplicate emails. Now this is very sporadic some users in certain domains have this issue and some dont and not all domains are having the problem. For example my account doesnt send or receive duplicate emails but a co-worker on the same domain does.
Any ideas?

If this had been answered on another thread I apologize and just point me to the right place.

Thanks in advanced.

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duplicate emails

Post by kentyler » 2008/04/18 20:07:08

Please mention which email server program you are using.

Having the config files attached or pasted in would help also.

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