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Install IMAP After Upgrade/Goofups

Posted: 2005/04/13 02:27:52
by thadco
Hello all,

I just upgraded a RH9 server via CD using the "linux upgradeany" trick at boot. Afterwards, most things worked just fine except my IMAP & POP3 daemons. So getting creative, I removed the IMAP RPM with -e.

After noticing that there was no IMAP RPM to be found (Doh!), I went into the XServer Package Management application (Staart Button > SystemSettings > Add/Remove Applications) and found that the IMAP/POP packages do not show as installed. So I went ahead and clicked "Update" and got the following error:

Packages Not Found

Unlocatable package

I'm not sure how to proceed. If anyone has any instructions, please try to make them rather specific, as I'm at that stage where I know how to get into lots of trouble with little idea how to fix things. :-D

Install IMAP After Upgrade/Goofups

Posted: 2005/04/13 08:36:42
by arrfab
If your server was running Redhat 9.0, you probably used UW-Imap as IMAP/Pop3 daemon.
Note that UW-Imap is not included anymore in any Redhat distro (RHEL or Fedora Core).
Instead you have (and it's definitively a good idea) to use Dovecot as IMAP/Pop3 daemon.
Install Dovecot with yum : yum install dovecot
Edit your /etc/dovecot.conf file to reflect where your mailboxes (in mbox format) are :
default_mail_env = mbox:~/:INBOX=/var/spool/mail/%u

Don't forget also that Dovecot uses ~/.subscriptions files instead of ~/.mailboxlist for folders subscriptions.
So the following command line should rename all these files for all your users :

for i in `ls /home/`;do mv /home/$i/.mailboxlist /home/$i/.subscriptions;done

And last but not least, don't forget to declare (in /etc/dovecot.conf)which protocols Dovecat will handle ( protocols = imap imaps po3 )

After that, you should be able to read your mails (of course after issuing chkconfig dovecot on && service dovecot start :-D)

Hope this helps you to migrate to dovecot.
For mbox to maildir migration, that's another story ..... :-D

Re: Install IMAP After Upgrade/Goofups

Posted: 2005/04/13 09:12:30
by thadco
Thank you so much arrfab!

It worked flawlessly and thanks to your detailed instructions it only took me about two minutes to accomplish.

Best regards,


Re: Install IMAP After Upgrade/Goofups

Posted: 2005/04/13 09:54:40
by arrfab
No problemo .... I'm here to serve .... :-D

Re: Install IMAP After Upgrade/Goofups

Posted: 2005/07/14 12:18:27
by klemmerj
I have been having the same dovecot/imap problems. I followed the steps outlined in the message above but still something is unhappy. I'm not really sure that the problem is with dovecot, actually. What I have is a number of users with user accounts on the system who read mail through imap. Most of the users are using some form of thunderbird/mozilla mail. I've also checked the dovedot docs and it looks like I set things up right. The error I'm getting is a pop-up alert box that says, "The current command did not succeed. The mail server responded: Invalid mask." This pops up twice then I get into my INBOX. However, I can not subscribe to any of my folders because it will not list any available from the server. I know they are still there 'cause when I ssh in and read mail I can see and read them. Mail is in mbox format for all users. Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Re: Install IMAP After Upgrade/Goofups

Posted: 2009/02/16 17:50:39
by kike164
arrfab thanks a lot, your information helped me, ;)