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Shorewall Multi-ISP Supprt

Posted: 2010/09/30 20:37:59
by onebyte
First off, apologies if this is in the wrong forum. Although I'm having a problem with Shorewall, I'm pretty sure the problem is with the distro and more specifically the kernel setup.

I have 6 CentOS 5.x boxes using various hardware from HP Proliant servers down to a couple of Fabiatech embedded system running as firewalls using Shorewall to configure iptables and all using multiple WAN links. In all cases I can route traffic at will down the different WAN interfaces.

My problem now is I have a couple of AMD Geode LX-800 based devices that CentOS 5.x just will not install on due to CPU support from what I can tell. My only option seems to have been to install CentOS 4.x, in this case 4.8. I've copied across my normal configuration but I just cannot get traffic to route down the second NIC. I know the configuration of Shorewall is good as the exact same configuration is running on all these other boxes and one of the boxes has 6 WAN interfaces so I know the Shorewall side is good.

I'm guessing that there must be a kernel setting or module that isn't correct. I know that the 4.8 box doesn't support hi-marks in the providers file but other than that I can't work out where the problem is.

Please can someone help?

Please let me know what config details you want me to post and I'll put them up?

Thanks in advance.