dhclient & ldap

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dhclient & ldap

Post by sub31 » 2008/12/21 12:36:17

Excuse me for my broken language. But I don't understend some new features in dhclient.
It happend in CenOS 4.6 or CentOS 4.7. Not earlyer. All my computers configured to retrieve ip addresses from dhcp server and all of them configured to retrieve userdatabase and automounts from ldap server. This features work well before and now. BUT ... I've some intresting timeout while computer retrieves ip address. Later I can see intresting messages from dhclient program in /var/log/messages. This messages talk me about some tryes of registrations of dhcp in ldap.
Tell me about new politic and how can register in ldap computer without ip address when this computer cannot interact with any services other then dhcp or bootp ?
Why dhclient need to register in ldap? How to remove this strange trying and abuse timeout while booting computer?

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Re: dhclient & ldap

Post by blue_moon_ro » 2008/12/23 12:09:40

I had the same problem and investigated a bit. The problem is the nss_ldap package. From CentOS 4.5 to 4.6 nss_ldap was upgraded from nss_dap-226-18 to nss_ldap-226-20. After 226-20 I had the same problem no matter the version, but only with CentOS 4 and not with 5. For some strange reason, the dhclient daemon tries to connect to an LDAP server to get its configuration, but it fails of course, since the machine does not have yet an IP address. The following workarounds are possible:
- downgrade to nss_ldap-226-18
- edit the /etc/nsswitch.conf file - replace the line "services: files ldap" with "services: files [NOTFOUND=return] ldap" - this has worked in my case but I don't know if it has any impact with other services.

Hope this helps,

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