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Samba share permission questions...

Posted: 2008/12/14 19:56:35
by kddoj
I'm trying to figure out how to configure Samba shares in a windows environment so that I can limit user access/view capabilities from the network. I have created two directories, public and private (testing only at this point) and have allowed 2 users read/write access to private and 4 users access to public, 2 of which are the ones that access private.

The permissions work as expected when opening and viewing the directories from the network, but the problem comes in when creating new files in the shared directories. User 1 can create a file and user 2 can open and view it, but cannot save changes back to the server - I'm assuming that this has to do with the ownership of the file but I need the files to be editable by all the users that have access to the do I do this?

I have another directory on the server that they are using for all their network files and basically had to set the share permissions to "everyone" for them to all edit and save the files (these are Simply Accounting files and other accounting data files) but the managers of the office would like to have a private folder on the server as well.

This is in Centos 4.4...any help would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Samba share permission questions...

Posted: 2008/12/17 01:45:00
by marathonman
I assume you're familiar with chmod? Maybe you can save the file to a linux partition first, chmod 666 and move it to the windows partition.

Bruce Hyatt

Re: Samba share permission questions...

Posted: 2008/12/19 13:03:19
by kddoj
I may be able to do that, but the users are not gonna be able to, or can I do that to a directory and then move the directory? will the permissions apply to any files or folders created in that directory afterward? A lot of questions I know, but I've been trying to set this up for them for a while with this and haven't been able to get it to work the way they want it to.