Ping not working for internet.

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Ping not working for internet.

Post by pallavi » 2008/11/10 12:47:12

Hi All,

I'm to very new to Linux and Centos.
I've installed Centos4 and done all the network configuration(DNS,Gateway,IP addr).
I can access the internet from my FF browser also i can ping my intranet machines but I'm not able to ping out side the intranet.

For example it fails to ping but i can access the same from browser.
Any one has the idea on what I'm doing wrong ?


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Ping not working for internet.

Post by gerald_clark » 2008/11/10 14:30:35

Sounds like your router blocks ICMP.

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Re: Ping not working for internet.

Post by billb3 » 2008/12/03 19:54:59

Just posted a similar issue here, did you fix this?

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