VMware player on CentOS 4

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VMware player on CentOS 4

Post by ejlali » 2008/10/19 19:25:34

I have problem to making bridge network over following configuration:

host=CentOS 4.3
VMware=VMware player 1.0.1
guest=CentOS 4.3

I have configured this bridge network few times by running vmware-config.pl from /usr/bin ,every time it shows :
-it found right kernel and installed it
-it made bridge between vmnet0 and eth0 successfully

but ping command result is "unreachable host"

i used Ip for host and for guest

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Re: VMware player on CentOS 4

Post by kentyler » 2008/11/28 20:43:35

Please provide the output of the following commands

route -n
ps auxww

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