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Set-Up LAN in CentOS 4.6?

Posted: 2008/09/08 20:40:51
by Kellemora
Hi Group - This is my first post!

But it does not come lightly, I have read and reread every single article I could find on setting up a LAN in CentOS from every source possible and have still failed to succeed.

I am fairly new to Linux as far as getting into the ROOT but have used it for some time from the GUI.

Here is my current set-up:
An older HP (yeah I know, but I got it free) Pavilion 753n, 2.53gig Pentium4, 512mb.
Grub bootloader to start CentOS4.6, Debian & Ubuntu, all current to latest releases.
I had to install and reinstall the OS's several times to get the correct order, it seems CentOS reeks havoc on the bootloader. Therefore, I have allowed Ubuntu to hold the bootloader where it works perfectly.

Out of the Box, both Debian and Ubunto find my Network (Cable) AND my LAN and it functions perfectly in Ubuntu, needed a little tweaking in Debian.

But after 3 whole weeks at roughly 10 to 20 hours per day researching and trying things in CentOS, I have YET to get the LAN up and running. The Network (cable) works fine.

I'm using a Realtech RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+ Ethernet card.

Don't know the correlation here since each OS is on it's own Partition, but every change made in CentOS seems to crash the video in Debian until reset.

I could list 20 pages of things I have tried that didn't work, but that would be a waste of time and energy I'm sure!

I've whittled my network down to only 3 other computers (all Win XP boxes) until I can get this thing up and running.

As I've already stated, I KNOW it's NOT the hardware since both Ubuntu and Debian (Knoppix too for that matter) not only see the LAN but allow me to access all of the shared files on all of our computers. CentOS cannot even SEE the LAN, except for the Network to the outside world via Cable to the Internet.

I DO GET the Windows Network Icon, but that's it! Cannot see the Workgroup, much less the workgroup Computers!

I don't know what questions to ask or what info you need to know as other OS's work properly right out of the box.

I have tried loading up the Hosts to match both Debian and Ubuntu but that just messes things up royally.

Consider this a HOME Network type scenario, Cable provider is through a cable modem, naturally, modem feeds a Lynksys Router, One LAN cable into a HUB which feeds the rest of the LAN using Cat5 not Token Ring.

I've learned a lot of new tricks over the past three weeks to get everything else humming right along as it should, except for CentOS seeing the LAN.
Since it was highly recommended I obtain CentOS and use it instead of the minimal packages like Ubuntu, I need to learn this OS.

I didn't want to bother you guys since I learn more by working my way through problems and studying on my own.
But this time, I've reached my wits end and am as lost as a day one newbie!

I'm obviously overlooking what is considered kindergarten level to everyone else!
And do dumb things sometimes, like forget you can't run Cat5 between two computers without a crossover, since my system uses routers and hubs you forget small details like that.
But I'm really missing something probably most basic here!
I am 60 years old too, so should have some smarts eh!
and YES, I did TURN ON the computer, hi hi.........

In fact, this post is being made from the lowly computer in question using the CentOS Network in Mozilla!
ALL of my other machines are (sound of cheers and whistles) AMD!

Isn't there a simple step by step HowTo Somewhere to set up simple file and print sharing over LAN with CentOS? If so, I've not found it!
And why doesn't it find it itself when all the other OS's do it with ease?
Or at least have a setup program to use like the others that old geezers can understand, hi hi............


Re: Set-Up LAN in CentOS 4.6?

Posted: 2008/09/10 18:41:02
by Kellemora
Wow, 75 folks viewed this question and not a one knows how to use CentOS or get a simple LAN up and running.........


No wonder Ubuntu jumped to #1 so fast. It works perfectly right out of the box!

Ask a question over there about Ubuntu and it's answered in under 3 minutes, accurately in most cases too.

Even if someone don't know how, they at least offer some things they tried that worked for them.

Not deadsville like here, that's for sure!


Set-Up LAN in CentOS 4.6?

Posted: 2008/09/10 20:45:09
by gerald_clark
Try the search button at the top of the page.
Search on '8139'.

Re: Set-Up LAN in CentOS 4.6?

Posted: 2008/09/11 12:25:27
by AlanBartlett
[quote]Wow, 75 folks viewed this question and not a one knows how to use CentOS or get a simple LAN up and running.........[/quote]
Don't assume those 75 views were all by human beings, [b]Gary[/b].

Seems there is a lot you need to know.

Have you actually read ?

Perhaps if your post was just that little bit more friendly to the eye - for those of us who give our time voluntarily to try to help others - (remember, we all have other things going on in our lives - like jobs), it wouldn't have been ignored.

Good bye.

Re: Set-Up LAN in CentOS 4.6?

Posted: 2008/09/11 16:33:32
by Kellemora
Hi Gerald

Thank you for responding!

Yes I did run across that post. My LAN card is detected and shows the green OK during boot up.

What WAS also useful about that post was it directed me to find more information about my Ethernet Card, which did give me a few other things to try also.

I have read something like 620 different articles referring to LAN and NIC cards over the past week or so, trying nearly anything that seemed like it might help.

Since I'm retired and just trying to learn Linux, a well respected and old friend of mine from back home STRONGLY suggested that I take a serious look at CentOS, since ALL of my books and documentation are based on Red Hat, just not the Enterprise series. I did take a short course in Linux based on Red Hat, but that was like 8 years ago now, and it was just an introductory course and we used Red Hat version 7.1. I never got very far back then and just gave up, had a lot of other irons in the fire at the same time too back then that consumed most of my leisure time with work.

I NOT a big fan of Mickey$oft anything! I was forced into PC's because of my job and the clients I had to work with. Prior to that I was an Apple/Mac fan.
My first computer was the Heath/Zenith Octal Entry built from a kit. I moved on with the Apple 1 motherboard, followed by the Apple II and Apple II+, then I bought the short lived LISA system for my business. Later switched to nothing but MAC's. When I changed jobs, we HAD to use PC's, which was a whole new world to me and took some time to get used to.

Although I'm currently using WinDOZE XP for most of what I still do, I'm NOT moving to Vista at all.
I would much rather LEARN Linux and use a platform that emulates Red Hat and will probably surpass Red Hat in the very near future. CentOS seems to be that platform! I look forward to NOT having anything controlled by MS in my environment.

But old geezers like me need led by the hand in some areas!
I do LEARN quite a lot by messing things up and getting them fixed by working through them hands on, rather than just starting over with a clean install as I see others do so often.

If it were not for the on-line community, the answers to many problems I have caused in my systems, that cannot be found in any books that I know of, would have never been solved.

But it IS just darn frustrating when you follow the books, step by step, do everything it says, check everything it says to check and everything checks A-OK, but it still don't work.

One problem I had turned out to be a single word in the bootloader that wasn't there when I installed the bootloader.
I know because I have copies of the original bootloader. Some change I made in X changed a line in the bootloader. I have no idea why, and only stumbled across the change when I went to check something in the bootloader. Took that new word out and everything was back to normal again. Still have no idea why making a change in X did it, and don't remember what it was I did anymore to say what it was I changed in X. But I'm learning, SLOWLY!

Again, Thanks for responding to my post Gerald!

Have a nice weekend!


Re: Set-Up LAN in CentOS 4.6?

Posted: 2008/09/11 16:56:47
by gerald_clark
You have not posted any useful network information to help troubleshoot.
You say eth0 successfully starts.
What is the output of
ifconfig -a

route -n

cat /etc/resolv.conf

Re: Set-Up LAN in CentOS 4.6?

Posted: 2008/09/11 17:55:36
by Kellemora
Hi Alan

YES I did read that, and everything ELSE in the Stickies before I even registered to make a post.

I've also gone through several books, 3 of them are over 1000 pages each, plus read 620 posts here on the same topic.

I think my SUBJECT LINE is quite CLEAR!

I didn't use HOW TO at the beginning of the line because I used a ? at the end of the line and HOW TO refers to a COMMAND which would have made the subject line MORE Confusing.

How much CLEARER can I make the Subject Line?
It says what I want to do, "Set-Up"
What I want to set-up, a "LAN"
It shows which VERSION of CentOS I'm using "4.6"
The question mark "?" denotes it's a question.

I assume I posted in the correct Forum "Networking" under the correct Version "4"

Within the body of my message I gave the information about the computer I'm using.
The brand and ID of the Network Card.
The fact I now only have 3 other computers on the network, and that they are all WinXP boxes.

Also that the LAN works just fine when I boot into Debian or Ubuntu, which would eliminate any hardware problems being evident in my current physical set-up. Obviously the Modem, Router, Hubs/Switches and Cat5 are all working properly. Else other Distro's would not work either. And as I said Ubuntu worked right out of the box with no changes by me. Debian required a minor tweak. When I tried the Knoppix CD the only thing I had to do was tell it the NAME of the Doze Workgroup and then it worked on all three just fine after that.
I've now got well over ONE HUNDRED HOURS into trying to get CentOS to even SEE the network. Nothing I've read in books or on-line has helped at all. I prefer learning things on my own, that way it STICKS in the old gray matter better.
But I am getting NOWHERE!

That's WHY I FINALLY posted my question to the group here!
I honestly thought SOMEONE would offer advice, not just waste time by posting CRITICISM for my asking for help with a problem.

If YOU are an example of the type of people who use CentOS, no wonder Ubuntu topped the charts in record breaking time!

At least the folks over their TRY to help as best as they can. And if you didn't provide enough information to help, the pleasantly ask for more information and EVEN tell you HOW to get the information requested. Give a Noob step by step instructions on how to get to the file, open it, copy it and sometimes even paste it.

In other words, they are HELPFUL, not CRITICAL!

CentOS will never even make it on the lowest level of the charts if Noob's are treated they way you have treated me!

It's the Noob's who FIND the early problems with a new Distro that needs fixed, and community SUPPORT is what brings a Distro up the charts. Even a BAD Distro can climb the charts if there is Support. But even the best Distro will land in the mud without Friendly Support.

You may not realize that the Platform one is Welcome To, is the one they will probably introduce on the Commercial Level where Paid Professional Support solidifies the Foundation for that Distro.

You tell me WHY I should recommend CentOS to a new or long established company, or even use it myself for that matter.

There MAY have been a very good reason WHY I wanted to Learn CentOS!
But I can see, if I wanted to learn this for business reasons, I'm better off turning to Red Hat and let them keep things humming along for me.

I didn't retire at age 55 without my sources of income to make it possible! Each of those sources use use computers!
And I doubt if you'll meet to many people with HOME networks of 6 to 8 or more computers either!
And whichever system I eventually choose for myself, it will be duplicated across the board.

I'm not a computer GEEK by any stretch of the imagination. But neither was Sam Wall, George May or August Busch!
Yet they spent more money on computer systems than most any other large company, and probably more than all the small companies combined.
Naturally, I'm NOT in their class, but there are hundreds of thousands of small time business owners and users just like me out here, looking to break away from the M$ death grip, and not get ourselves tied down again by another.

It simply boils down to the fact that if I cannot get our simple home based LAN up and running using CentOS, I probably won't be able to on a larger scale either, and nobody here seems to give a darn either!

At the VERY LEAST, my FIRST POST here should have been addressed in a timely manner with a WELCOME to the forum!

Perhaps a suggestion on HOW to present my question a different way if it was not acceptable, so it could be addressed.

At least Gerald offered some useful information.

You come along THREE DAYS after I posted my question and state "have you ACTUALLY READ, blah de blah"

Not the Way to win friends and influence people, that's for sure!

Had your comment (as short as it was) come ahead of Geralds, CentOS would have been instantly deleted from my system and I would have wiped the dust from my feet as returned from the trash can with the install CD's.

But as I said, it came highly recommended by someone I highly trust. And also recommended by someone who works in IT for an international money and credit handling corporation, Elavon, formerly Nova. So I have to at least give it a shot.

Sorry if I jumped on you too harshly! But you'll quickly learn that I call it as I see it!
And, It's been one of those weeks that has already stretched out to a month now with nothing accomplished.
So I'm in a nasty mood already, and my patience is wearing very thin!

Just remember, you can catch more flies with Honey than you can Vinegar!


Re: Set-Up LAN in CentOS 4.6?

Posted: 2008/09/11 18:21:47
by gerald_clark
But Gary, you are the one trying to catch the flys.
Alan's post was valid. Your whole post was useless for identifying your network problem.
You still have not shown us anything that indicates you do actually have a problem.
What exact problem do you have, and what are you doing when the problem occurs?

Re: Set-Up LAN in CentOS 4.6?

Posted: 2008/09/11 18:55:17
by AlanBartlett

We, the [i]CentOS Community[/i] (which is world-wide, with a vast professional user-base), will help anybody but the rules are quite clear . . . you must help us to help you.

You may have done a lot of reading before your initial posting but you certainly haven't taken in some of the fundamental guidelines from the link that I referred you to. What am I referring to? Your compulsion to SHOUT.

As [b]Gerald[/b] has clearly stated, you have not given us any relevant information so that we can give you advice to help resolve this issue.

You have not posted any useful network information to help troubleshoot.
You say eth0 successfully starts.
What is the output of
ifconfig -a

route -n

cat /etc/resolv.conf
Please respond with the output of the above three commands and progress, I'm sure, will then be made.

Re: Set-Up LAN in CentOS 4.6?

Posted: 2008/09/12 02:19:21
by Kellemora
Hi Gerald

In my original post I included this line

"I don't know what questions to ask or what info you need to know as other OS's work properly right out of the box."

Obviously I'm LOWER than Noob! Just have ONE toe in the water so far is all.

Studying three different platforms or Distro's don't help much either as each works differently and uses different commands.

That is something else I didn't know only 3 short weeks ago!

I'm not afraid to admit that my first two times of reading through all the books I had purchased, 99% of it was over my head, way over in fact. I even stooped as low as actually buying Red Hat Linux for DUMMIES, which was, as always, a waste of money. I have also purchased several books by Naba Barkakati and have ordered some books by Michael Jang which are not here yet. I'm also a subscriber of O'Reilly On-line!
So, I am quite SERIOUS about learning Linux.

I will apologize to Alan and obtain the information he has requested.

But give the following some thought for a second.

If I asked you to go get me a fork, and you had no idea what a fork was, the difficulty of honoring my request suddenly becomes exponentially more difficult to follow through on doesn't it.

By the same token, in order to comply with Alan's request, I have a lot more studying to do.

I have to figure out whether to use Terminal or Root Terminal, then I have to figure out whether I should use sudo, sudo su, su - or gksu. I'm sure one of those with work with gedit in CentOS. Then I have to figure out if the requested documents are in Root, in a file in Root and if so which file and if there are more than one folder with the same documents in them.

In other words, like Shultz, I Know Nothing!

Alan's on the right track by asking for the files he needs to see where the problem may lie, because I surely didn't know!

But the EXTRA Step would have been to let me know WHERE those files are and how to obtain them, automatically assuming I don't know that kind of info yet. It never hurts to be thorough with a request, as already pointed out.

Again, thank you Gerald!

I will have to get back with Alan after I figure out what to do here at this end!