How to create a virtual IP - CentOS 4.4

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How to create a virtual IP - CentOS 4.4

Post by blaszlo » 2008/08/09 16:36:32

Hey guys,

I am new to the forums and new to the Linux world. Although I am fairly new, I am picking up ground extremely fast due to the fact that my new job is administering 8 CentOS web/email/ftp/dns servers. Here is my question...
One of our servers is getting up in age and I decided to build a new server to be used as a web hosting server (same as all the rest of my servers). During the construction process, I was going to go with the two NIC configuration until I noticed that all of the other servers have only one nic with two IP's assigned to them, and I want to do the same.
I have done alot of reading and playing around and have found tons of information on how to do it using ifconfig and then creating a script so the interfaces run during bootup. From what I have read, only an IP address and a netmask can be assigned, but I also need obviously a default gateway and dns for not only eth0:0, but for eth0:1 as well. Can someone please explain to me, step by step, the commands involved in creating a virtual IP address on my nic with a default gateway, netmask, and dns also assigned to that virtual addres and a script that will run and activate the virtual address on bootup? Thank you in advance for any help, it's much appreciated. I need to get this server running ASAP.

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How to create a virtual IP - CentOS 4.4

Post by kentyler » 2008/08/12 19:53:45

Here is the info you require.


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