Networking questions

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Networking questions

Post by markosjal » 2008/08/06 06:17:40

I am a newbie to CentOS, but not a newbie to Networking.

I have the following questions:

1) How do I get CentOS to look for hostnames on my network?
It seems that nothing resolves, not an LPR/LPD printer , nor a windows machine via SAMBA. My windows machines print to "AirNAS", but on CentOS I have to print to the IP

2) How can I get CentOS to browse the windows network? Nothing shows up, however I can connect by specifying an IP address.

3) Since I am a newbie to Linux how can I be sure that Linux is "browsing" for Linux native (NFS?) network fileservers? I have a Airlink101 NAS that is Linux based, and may (or may not) incorporate linux native sharing. Of course if available, it would be the protocol of choice, but with the aforementioneed problems, I can not be sure of anything.

4) how can I turn off the security options that were installed at start up to see if that is some of my problem?

5) what need I to print through the Postscript interpreter (from a mac) to my non post script printer now working as an LPR printer from CentOS? In other words , I need a print queue to the PS interpreter, something like RedMon in Windows.

6) it seems when I first saw CentOS4.4 it had some other networking tools in it that do not seem available in the 4.6 installer. Namely which network protocols were installed. If it is here, I can not find it.

7) I use Hamachi and have read that there is a "yum install hamachi" command, bit that does not seem to work for me. Is it limited to CentOS5? What is the easiest and/or best GUI to use with hamachi on CentOS4.6?

Just a comment, CentOS 4.6 blows the pants off Ubuntu 6.1. Quite frankly I discovered CentOS 4.4 by accident while reviewing what was on some old hard disks, and I am impressed. My nephew had done an installation of CentOS4.4 and did not like it, he switched to Ubuntu, but Cent OS is way faster. I guess it did not feel XtraPretty enough for him but as a Windows 2000 holdout , it is great for me. I do not like the glitz and flash. THANKS! This was the solution in place of buying a sexond computer for some temporary use.

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Networking questions

Post by kentyler » 2008/08/13 18:45:25

1. You need to make sure that the DHCP server that assigns your ip address is also assigning a DNS server which will resolve your local network if you want to do that. If it's a static ip edit your /etc/resov.conf file if not then try to add entries to /etc/hosts for each machine or printer.

2. Setup samba and start samba then you might have a bit more luck with finding window shares.

3. Linux does not browse for nfs, nfs is setup by mounts which require information like ip and path.

4. Try to edit /etc/sysconfig/selinux and make sure it's disabled then reboot.

5. You need to re-configure your printer. Google it there may be options you did not use which will make it more compatible.

6. I don't know exactly what you mean, please be more specific with this one. Protocols need not be enabled as they come that way default.

7. Download the rpm from someplace and rpm -ivh it in there.

Different Distros are good for different things each have their strong and weak points. I have yet to see one that is totally bad as far as linux goes.

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