Tunneling all traffic over SSH

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Tunneling all traffic over SSH

Post by timnp » 2008/02/07 13:55:12


I am new to the forums, cent (actually I have been using cent for ages but kind of in a fire and forget way, I dont get involved in its workings unless I have to) and iptables so please be kind!

Here is the scenario.

I am shortly moving into shared accomodation, I will have the internet but I will be very limited in terms of what traffic I can send and I will certainly not be able to set up port forwarding to my machines.

I have several other machines which are in a data center and have completely open internet access. These machines also have some IP addresses that aren't used. What I would like to do when I move in to my new accomodation is to set things up in such a way that any internet traffic I generate gets routed over an SSH connection to my server and appears to come from the server. It would be even better if the reverse could also happen, such that any requests to the spare IP on my server in the data centre could be routed back over the SSH connection to my room and to the matching port on the client machine.

The machines in the data centre both run centos 4.6. I have three client machines that I am likely to want to connect from. The primary one is Fedora core 8, the secondary ones are Ubuntu dapper drake and another centos 4.6 box.

Maybe SSH is not the right way to do this and it can be best done with a VPN? I know even less about VPNs or wether VPN traffic would actually work where I am moving too. Thankfully I shall not be staying there too long but it is long enough that I can't survive without my full internet!

Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can give!



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Re: Tunneling all traffic over SSH

Post by arrfab » 2008/02/08 10:21:10

OpenVPN is the way to go .. (http://openvpn.net) and RPMS for CentOS are available in the RPMforge repositories (see http://wiki.centos.org/Repositories)

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