I have a set of machines, with 32 eth0 aliases. Only 9 come up on boot.

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I have a set of machines, with 32 eth0 aliases. Only 9 come

Post by gfolkert » 2007/09/26 07:34:41

CentOS release 4.5 (Final) fully updated.

I have a farm of 1u machines that I am installing into multiple racks. Each of these machines are a part of a series load balanced multi IP address machines.

each machine (at this point) has the core IPaddress on eth0 of 10.50.0.X (starting at 10 through 220 or 5 racks of 42 each).

We have processes that bind to each of these addresses for each workload. an lddirectord doing the load balancing, it directs traffic to each of the machines for work, from the "internal clients" seemingly seamlessly from the client app.

Each machine also has eth0 aliases of like these:

eth0:1w == 10.50.1.X
eth0:2w == 10.50.2.X
eth0:14w == 10.50.14.X
eth0:21w == 10.50.21.X
eth0:23w == 10.50.23.X
eth0:26w == 10.50.26.X
eth0:27w == 10.50.27.X
eth0:28w == 10.50.28.X
eth0:29w == 10.50.29.X
eth0:33w == 10.50.33.X
eth0:35w == 10.50.35.X
eth0:36w == 10.50.36.X
eth0:37w == 10.50.37.X
eth0:38w == 10.50.38.X
eth0:39w == 10.50.39.X
eth0:40w == 10.50.40.X
eth0:41w == 10.50.41.X
eth0:42w == 10.50.42.X
eth0:43w == 10.50.43.X
eth0:44w == 10.50.44.X
eth0:45w == 10.50.45.X
eth0:46w == 10.50.46.X
eth0:47w == 10.50.47.X
eth0:48w == 10.50.48.X
eth0:49w == 10.50.49.X
eth0:4w == 10.50.4.X
eth0:51w == 10.50.51.X
eth0:52w == 10.50.52.X
eth0:53w == 10.50.53.X
eth0:54w == 10.50.54.X
eth0:5w == 10.50.5.X
eth0:8w == 10.50.8.X

The ifcfg-eth0:*w is exactly like this (being on the 4th machine in the farm):

# cat /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0:14w

I've tried many variations ONBOOT vs ONPARENT, BOOTPROTO=static just to name two, but they all come out to the following results.

Here is a quick show of the aliases that actually come up upon boot:
# ifconfig | grep eth0 | cut -f1 -d\ | grep w

Nine aliases. Only nine. Yup, 9. That leads me to believe there is a false limitation in the initscripts.

Now, I have to tell you that we are migrating away from High-Rent RHEL3 and RHEL4, of which all the aliases (with a "v" versus a "w" in the names) come up. This lends me to believe something is amiss. I've compared the /etc/init.d/network script and they are near IDENTICAL. Leads me to believe it might be in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/network-functions. But I don't have a good enough eye to spot the problem. I mean since even the

Anyone have any idea on how to get them thar aliases to be activated on boot?

On a whim, I made all the files in numerical order (0-31) and with no "w" on them... only 19 of the aliases come up. It is weird.

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