Use CentOS 4 as tftp boot server

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Use CentOS 4 as tftp boot server

Post by tjhuot » 2007/08/29 16:09:44

I am definitely a novice when it comes to this.

Is there a good howto on setting up a network boot server? I would like to be able to boot an FC5 machine over the network from a CentOS 4 boot server. I have not been able to find the information I need to set this up. I do not think this would be difficult.

My assumptions are:

1] Create an image of my FC5 system.
2] Load the image onto the CentOS system
3] Get tftp set up properly on the CentOS system. I am not sure if I have that set up correctly.
4] Set the FC5 system BIOS to boot from network. (already done)

If anyone knows where I could find a step by step procedure to do this I would be forever grateful.

I am also assuming that this procedure should work pretty much the same no matter which version of Linux one is using. Please correct me if I am wrong.


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Use CentOS 4 as tftp boot server

Post by gerald_clark » 2007/08/29 16:51:53

Booting is the easy part.
The instructions for PXE installation are in the WIKI .
Also a google search on 'remote boot linux' wil give you many useful links.

You will have to modify your system for NFS or NBD root and some form
of remote swap space.

There are distros already designed for this.

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