Port 5190 always open

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Port 5190 always open

Post by s-j-g » 2007/07/10 21:17:53

Hi all,

New to CentOS but not to linux, I am using 4.5 on a server and like it so far. One thing is confusing me though - according to nmap, port 5190 is always open. There is no service listening on this port and iptables is set up to drop any connections that are not on ports 52, 80, 443 or a secret ssh port. I'm completely stumped, no matter what I do nmap always finds the port to be open. This could be a bug in nmap, but if so I seem to be the only one who is experiencing it. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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Port 5190 always open

Post by foxb » 2007/07/11 13:50:16

No such thing on my machines?!

Do you run AOL IM? It seems that this port is reserved for AOL.

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