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ftp server

Post by do_one02 » 2007/07/07 10:08:26

i'm do_one...i already try to setting my server for ftp server(using vsftpd).i try to log on using anynomous user but still cannot access /etc/ftp/pub folder ..the message "cannot have a permission" appear when i try to log in from client pc...can you tell me how to solve by give the correct script...tq guys...

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Re: ftp server

Post by xbFlux » 2007/07/19 21:15:08

I'm not sure I fully understand your problem. But assuming you have anonymous logins enabled, you will need to set the correct file system permissions for your directory.

I have done the following:

[ root@mymachine $ ] mkdir -p /ftp/public

I will then need to do the following, to allow anonymous FTP access.

[ root@mymachine $ ] chmod -vR 755 /ftp/public

STDOUT >> mode of `/ftp/public/' retained as 0755 (rwxr-xr-x)

This will allow the user to access and read the directory, but not write to it.

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