How to Configure Static DNS...

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How to Configure Static DNS...

Post by cguerrero » 2007/06/14 01:56:59

Hi guys...

I've got a problem with my network settings, I'm using DHCP on my network assigned by a router and obviously when I start the network service my DNS server always changes even if I edit /etc/resolv.conf, I really need to put an specific DNS server but I can't do it through the router because is my client's router, I want to know how can I assign my own DNS server even if my server gets the ip and all the settings by the router...

Hope u can help me...

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How to Configure Static DNS...

Post by gerald_clark » 2007/06/14 13:36:03

Have your client give you a static IP, and forget the dhcp.
DHCP servers in cable/DSL routers are pretty worthless, and except for
MS home networks should be turned off.

They would be better off with a local server running dnsmasq.
It provides both dhcp and dns services, including IP reservations,
and name services that include names for local machines.

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