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Fallback IP & dhclient.conf?

Posted: 2007/06/01 14:38:19
by Zylar
Hi all, trying to setup a NAS box that'll fallback to a certain ip if DHCP fails or is non-existant on the network. According to 'man dhclient.conf' "The configuration file can also be preinitialized with addresses to use on networks that don’t have DHCP servers.". Unfortunately, I can't seem to find dhclient.conf.

Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: More [url=]info[/url]. Too bad it doesn't seem to apply to 4.4, I'll keep looking.
Edit2: Hmm, seems that a single 'alias' entry in an otherwise blank /etc/dhclient.conf might do the trick, I'll use some non-standard scope, maybe or something. I'll try it and post results. Any input appreciated.

Re: Fallback IP & dhclient.conf?

Posted: 2007/06/01 15:39:59
by Zylar
Arg, no more edits I guess.

Didn't work, seemed to use last leased IP, even after dhcp server turned off. Alias ip was non-responsive. I'll keep looking.

Re: Fallback IP & dhclient.conf?

Posted: 2007/06/01 16:28:12
by Zylar
Ok, created '/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0:0' :


This just binds a 2nd static ip to the nic, using an alias. Not really what I wanted, but will work until I figure out the dhclient.conf stuff.