MRTG Configuration problems

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MRTG Configuration problems

Post by ruslix » 2007/05/29 07:54:43

Hi everyone! I've installed CentOS 4.4 at work and I need to run MRTG to show traffic statistics on my interfaces. I have one physical ethernet card and a few of logical ones(VLAN's). One of the interfaces have connection to the INTERNET, and other are using DHCP on local network and NAT fot accessing the INTERNET.
I read a lot of documentation about mrtg configuration, but I see the same error tryin' to tun mrtg: ERROR: Line 3 (WorkDir : /var/www/html) in CFG file (/etc/mrtg/mrtg.cfg) does not make sense. My apache server is correctly configured. That's my mrtg config file:
WorkDir : /var/www/html
Title[eth0]: Traffic eth0
MaxBytes[eth0]: 125000
AbsMax[eth0]: 125000
Options[eth0]: gauge
Target[eth0]: `/usr/sbin/cban -i eth0 -m`
PageTop[eth0]: eth0 statistics
YLegend[eth0]: Bytes/s
ShortLegend[eth0]: B/s
Legend1[eth0]: Incoming Traffic
Legend2[eth0]: Outgoing Traffic
Legend3[eth0]: Maximum Incoming Traffic
Legend4[eth0]: Maximum Outgoing Traffic
LegendI[eth0]:  In:
LegendO[eth0]:  Out:
WithPeak[eth0]: ymwd

What's the trouble? Pliiizzzz help me!

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Re: MRTG Configuration problems

Post by bobnn » 2007/06/11 02:25:53

WorkDir : /var/www/html

should be

WorkDir: /var/www/html

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