VPN questions for newbee

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VPN questions for newbee

Post by frized17 » 2007/05/10 09:21:10

I just want to ask if there is someone successfully installed a vpn server like openswan, freeswan or openvpn? can i have a copy of your how to because im very very lost in installing those vpn on centos 4.. Im a newbee in linux...

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Re: VPN questions for newbee

Post by dummy » 2007/08/09 08:54:05

i need help in installing openVPN on CentOS 4.5 too...it seems that there are no particular guide on installing VPN on CentOS in the web..
hope some expert can take some time to look at this matter..i am a fresh graduate too and know little about this stuff..please help..
thanks in advance..

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